Who Am I?

You gotta know who is behind the screen.

Who am I?

Aside from my Wondering Nobody persona – I’m somebody by being a charter-school Speech-Language Pathologist by day, a medical Speech-Language Pathologist by evening, and a girlfriend and dog-mom for the rest of the hours that are left.

The boy, the dog, and the job

What do I like to do?

Well, we already know I love pizza; sitting on my couch with pizza, Netflix, the dog, and the boy are is definitely on my top 5. I also love to travel. Remember when I said I’m not glamorous, but sometimes do glamorous things? That’s what I meant. I work my tail off to save enough to travel. Mix that in with Instagram filters and it looks pretty glamorous. 🙂 I also love to read thrillers and watch anything involving True Crime. (Throw your recommendations at me!) When I’m motivated, I do aerial fitness to stay in shape.


Current obsessions:

Escaping Polygamy, A&E Investigates Cults & Extreme Belief, Triscuits, coffee mugs, The Office, Mad Men, flair pens, and La Croix

Random tidbits:

I love the color green and all variants of it. I think I’m the only female that doesn’t like rosé – only dry red for me, please. I’m obsessed with essential oils and natural remedies (plug alert: who would be interested if I sold EO’s?!). If I could, I would own a massive amount of land and have a dog rehabilitation farm. My name is Karlie and I’m a subscription box addict (there, I said it).

Teamwork makes the dream work.

And because we’re keeping it real here…a candid shot one of my kids at work snapped of me:


OK – so there’s a start about me…let’s hear about you. Drop me a comment below or send me a message! (Anyone? Bueller?) Don’t forget about those thriller and True Crime recommendations!

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