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Bad luck, good trip

If you’ve read my review on Rome, you know that I got sick all over the city. Including the Sistine Chapel. We can now add London, Dusseldorf, and somewhere over Germany in the Euro Wings plane to the list. This was not a game I ever wanted to win. But I don’t do sports the normal way – of course this is the one I excel at.

WHAT I’VE LEARNED: Starting to Travel

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I was so overwhelmed with all of the opportunities I was able to experience in such a short time. I was exhausted. I felt an electric pulse from a natural high like no other. I was sad because it was over. I was happy to return home to my comfortable surroundings. The anxiety, adrenaline, fear of my day navigating through sites alone was starting to wear off. I was grateful. The mix of emotions I felt in that exact moment is almost indescribable. I don’t know if that feeling will return, but I stopped and took in every feeling, emotion, and thought I was experiencing.

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