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My January Reads – Girl, Wash Your Face & The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Hey guys! One goal of mine this year is to share with you the books that I’ve read. I love hearing what others think about novels, so I’m hoping this will help you decide what to open next (or not to)! This month I readΒ Girl, Wash Your Face andΒ The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Completely different books, but both were really good reads in my opinion. This year is my year of self-discovery, so I am trying to read one self-improvement book and one guilty pleasure book per month. We’ll see how that goes as the year goes on, but that’s the plan as of today. πŸ™‚Β 

Let’s Travel To: Fern Canyon (Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park), CA

Fern Canyon Featured Img - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

This week, Kat from Inevitably Fierce wrote an amazing piece from one of her favorite spots to adventure to. Kat is a Special Education teacher in Northern California who loves hiking and exploring near and far. The focus of Inevitably Fierce is to share information for those who have been diagnosed with Endometriosis. She posts content to help with day-to-day life, women’s hormone health, staying healthy, and improving overall quality of life all while spreading awareness of Endometriosis. If being a teacher, a blogger, and living with a chronic disease wasn’t enough, Kat also is an advocate against elephant poaching and works on legislation in CA to continue her advocacy.

THINGS I’VE LEARNED: Hotel vs Airbnb

Hotel versus Airbnb, Travel Blog, Wandering Nobody

This is a hot debate and a question I’ve been asked a lot. Instead of sticking to my own bias (because what kind of article would that make?), I decided to seek out information online and from people I know. This way, I can give you all of the information you’re heart desires comparing the two.

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