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5 Skin Care Products to Use While Traveling

One of the biggest routines that gets overlooked for myself is skin care. At the end of a very long day, the last thing I want to do is go through my typical routine. Sometimes I can barely get my makeup off before I’m ready to crash. This is an awful idea.Β 

How I Organize My Blog & Life (& Keep The Two Apart) – A Plum Paper Planner Review

Plum Paper Review Featured Img - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

I realize that IΒ just wrote a post about not doing reviews anymore. Well here we are. Although this is not directly related to traveling, it is related to life and blogging. I would not survive day-to-day without my Plum Paper planners.

Yes, plural. I have one for work and one for life. Granted, the life planner was provided to me from Plum Paper in turn for a review. It doesn’t matter though, I’ve purchased three before I was given one for free.

A Must-Eat Restaurant in Denver, CO – Butcher’s Bistro

Butcher's Bistro Sign - Denver, CO - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Overall, 5/5 of us recommend Butcher’s Bistro in Denver, CO. If you’re looking for the meal of a fancy dinner in a casual environment, this is your spot. If you’re looking for a chill spot for some great cocktails and small plates before your night out, you’ve got your spot. If you want to experience spectacular waitstaff and service, look no further.

Why I Made a Major Blog Change Only 3 Months In

Blog Announcement Featured Img - Wandering Nobody Travel BLog

But for now, I’m done with that piece. Isn’t it fun (and stressful) watching your blog/brand grow and evolve? I haven’t been in this for even 3 months and I’ve made so many changes. Part of that might be because I didn’t have a solid plan going in, but it’s also happening as I’m learning.
And it’s fun watching it develop. It’s like a child that I’m raising and helping mature. Not that I have a child to compare it to, but I’d like to think it’s similar (and a lot less messy).

Stitch Fix – A Monthly Clothing Subscription Review

Stitch Fix Featured Img

Stitch Fix describes themselves as an online styling service. I describe it as a monthly clothing box that conveniently dresses me.

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