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TRAVEL HELP: Solo Travel Advice

So, I naturally want to know everything I can about what it’s like to solo travel. What to expect, how to prepare, and any other advice from other solo travelers out there. I speak very minimal Spanish, so that is going to be a barrier. I can literally get by to order food/drinks and a very, very basic conversation, but anything past that…I’m screwed. I tried Duolingo and I can talk about apples and bread all day, but I have a feeling that won’t do me too much good.


HELP ME PLAN: Havana, Cuba Solo Trip

This weekend, I reached out to one of my friends and asked if she wanted to spontaneously book a trip for spring break and I was looking at Havana. Within 45 minutes, we had our flights booked and our seats picked out next to each other. The next morning she had to sadly tell me that she confused work dates and couldn’t go anymore. BUT, I’m not cancelling and will be taking my first solo trip.

Chicken Shit Bingo (yes, you read that right)

Did you know there is a place on this Earth where crowds of people line up outside of a tiny, tiny bar to wait for a chicken to poop? I shit you not.

Why I Love Being on an Airplane

I was sitting on an airplane last weekend heading to see my best friend who lives in Texas. As I was 30,000 feet in the air, my second glass of Pinot Noir in hand, with Ocean’s 8 on in front of me, I realized it. I’m my most creative when I’m traveling.

Bring It On 2019

Welcome, 2019! Today officially is the first time in almost (or even over) a month that I’ve logged onto my blog and even onto WordPress. I took a hiatus, originally on accident, because I was overwhelmed with life. After I realized that I hadn’t…

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