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Bring It On 2019

Welcome, 2019! Today officially is the first time in almost (or even over) a month that I’ve logged onto my blog and even onto WordPress. I took a hiatus, originally on accident, because I was overwhelmed with life. After I realized that I hadn’t…

Walking in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Recap – NYC

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Growing up, we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every year. Since we are one hour behind NYC, the parade started at 8am. I rarely woke up that early, but it was always recorded or already playing when I did wake up. My dream was just to go to the parade and watch it live. Instead, my first experience was walking in it. To have your childhood dream one upped by your own self? It’s pretty extraordinary.

Coping With Grief During the Holidays

Mental Health Post - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Let’s open up the discussion. The holidays are quickly approaching. For some people, the holidays are a magical time filled with family, love, and togetherness. For others, it’s a reminder of what is missing. And for some, the holidays are a time where you feel love and happiness on top of your grief.

What do you do during these times? Do you put on your holiday clothes and a smile so you can head out to dinner with family and friends? Do you feel guilty if you don’t attend an event because you don’t want to bring others down with your sadness? How about even feel guilt because you’re feeling sad or mad or frustrated at a time when your supposed to be happy and joyous (or guilty because you’re not feeling sad or mad for a moment)?

22 Things I’m Thankful For

Today, I want to stop and make a list of 22 things I’m thankful for on this day of thanks and giving. Only 22 because that’s what day Thanksgiving is on this year. There’s many more, but 10,472 Reasons I’m Thankful would not have made an easy read.

Blogger Recognition Award 2018

Blogger Recognition Award - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

The Blogger Recognition Award is an award from bloggers to bloggers. This award lets bloggers know that their hard work, long hours, and constant evolution of their content is not going unnoticed.

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