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Blogger Recognition Award 2018

Blogger Recognition Award - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

The Blogger Recognition Award is an award from bloggers to bloggers. This award lets bloggers know that their hard work, long hours, and constant evolution of their content is not going unnoticed.

November Update

I have been quiet on the post front for a variety of reasons. I want to post something, but my content just isn’t flowing like I would like. In large part, it’s due to my job(s). I work in education as a Speech-Language Pathologist and I’m overloaded without enough time to do my job. I bring it home and it leaves no time for blogging…and that’s a bummer.

Sunshine Blogger Award 2018 #2

Sunshine Blogger Award 2 - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

I am lucky enough to be nominated again (!) for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Laura at Modern in the Mitten nominated me this time. Head over to her blog to check out her life lessons, follow her home renovation, read about fun DIY projects she’s taken on, and how she manages her family and three Australian Shepherds. (Kudos to you girl – my dream is to have a home full, but one Aussie keeps me on my toes enough!)


Selfie Sunday V2 Featured Img - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

As a part of my #SelfieSeries, I searched the webs for a great blog survey to use. I snagged this one from Julie at Running in a Skirt! Go check her out and send her some love while you’re there!

I started the #SelfieSeries so you can learn a little more about me and who is writing all of these stories that are posted. I hope you enjoy reading! I really enjoy writing them!

#SelfieSunday – Meet the Blogger Series Volume 1

Selfie Sunday

So usually I’m putting out #SubscriptionBoxSunday posts, but because a lot of research goes into them I’ve decided to have some extra time in between. I want to keep posting at least twice a week, though, so I had to put on my thinking cap. So either on Saturday or Sunday when there isn’t a product/subscription review, I’m going to upload posts about myself.  Vain, much?! Sure. 🙂 But if you’re reading my posts, you might as well learn about who is typing these wonderful words.

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