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    • Why I Made a Major Blog Change Only 3 Months In
    • THINGS I’VE LEARNED: Hotel vs Airbnb – This is a hot debate and a question I’ve been asked a lot. Instead of sticking to my own bias (because what kind of article would that make?), I decided to seek out information online and from people I know. This way, I can give you all of the information you’re heart desires comparing the two.
    • Bad luck, good trip – If you’ve read my review on Rome, you know that I got sick all over the city. Including the Sistine Chapel. We can now add London, Dusseldorf, and somewhere over Germany in the Euro Wings plane to the list. This was not a game I ever wanted to win. But I don’t do sports the normal way – of course this is the one I excel at.
    • Sunshine Blogger Award 2018 – The Sunshine Blogger Award is about recognizing bloggers for being positive, inspiring, and creative. This award is voted by bloggers to acknowledge their achievements and offer support. I’m super lucky to have found and to be a part of this community!!
    • How I Made $89.01 My First Month Blogging – July 2018 Income Report – This has been an incredibly eye-opening, knowledge gaining, and frustrating month. Ha. It’s been full of long days and late nights and a never ending spinning brain. I’m constantly thinking of things I could do different or ways to improve my content. I’m glad I got the motivation to start this in the summer when I’m on break from my job and not in the middle of the school year. It would not have lasted.
    • How I Adjusted to Living in a Big City (on my 4th anniversary in Chicago) – The great thing is finding new experiences to match you where you are in your current life. I think that’s been the favorite thing I’ve learned since moving. Your past will always be a part of you, but you find what you need as you evolve and change.
    • THINGS I’VE LEARNED: Items I Need to Have When Traveling – I’m in the midst of packing and preparing for my 2.5 week trip in Europe. I leave on Friday and I am NOT prepared! But are we ever? This got me thinking about writing a post on what my favorite things to bring on a trip abroad are. My go-to items, my must haves, and my just-in-case items. And a surprise cameo recommendation from the male half of my life.
    • WHAT I’VE LEARNED: Starting to Travel – Traveling opens the mind, the heart, and the soul to an endless amount of possibility, culture, love, and wonder.
    • WHY I STARTED THIS BLOG – Let’s agree right now to put down that spoon, put the HaloTop back in the freezer (we’re not throwing that away; it’s frozen heaven), and float back down to real-life.
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