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Hey all!

Wow – I feel like months goes by without a post and then I am busting at the seams ready to write and continue sharing! Life is so busy and I honestly have no idea how bloggers with a full time job on top of their brand do it. My hat is off to all of you, for real.

My last post was about my upcoming trip to Havana, Cuba. I am doing a solo trip to Havana and it’s my first solo trip ever. I’m incredibly excited and terrified all at the same time.

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 and throw them in the comments ||

When I travel (or do anything, really…) I like to have a plan of what I want to do and have a list of all kinds of options. I don’t follow a schedule, per say, but I do like to have my color coded lists of things to see, places to visit, and what and where to eat. Those people that look at the menu and study it a week before going to a new restaurant? Yeah, that’s me.

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So, I naturally want to know everything I can about what it’s like to solo travel. What to expect, how to prepare, and any other advice from other solo travelers out there. I speak very minimal Spanish, so that is going to be a barrier. I can literally get by to order food/drinks and a very, very basic conversation, but anything past that…I’m screwed. I tried Duolingo and I can talk about apples and bread all day, but I have a feeling that won’t do me too much good.

So, my trusty travelers, I come to you. Throw me ANY and ALL solo travel tips. Prepare me. Overwhelm me. What do you wish you knew before your first solo trip? What do you wish you would have done differently? What do I need to do while on my solo trip?

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2 Comments on “TRAVEL HELP: Solo Travel Advice

  1. I always kuke to have a plan too, since im usually on limited time and want to get make sure I named the most of it 🏖


    • Predictive text is so annoying lol…I meant …like to gave a plan…..and get the most out of it….🙊😄


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