HELP ME PLAN: Havana, Cuba Solo Trip

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Oh trusty readers…I need your help.

This weekend, I reached out to one of my friends and asked if she wanted to spontaneously book a trip for spring break and I was looking at Havana. Within 45 minutes, we had our flights booked and our seats picked out next to each other. The next morning she had to sadly tell me that she confused work dates and couldn’t go anymore. BUT, I’m not cancelling and will be taking my first solo trip.

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This is SO FAR outside of my comfort box. I’m terrified just thinking about it, but I’m so very excited to take on this new challenge. That being said…

I need your help!

Cuba in general has been number one on my bucket list for at least 10 years. It stemmed from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (which I now know was filmed in Jamaica and not a true representation of Cuba…). After the initial introduction to the world of Cuba, the research I’ve done over the last 10 years is pretty incredible and it blossomed to an obsession. So this is a dream of mine coming true.

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I know the general layout of what I need to do to travel.

  • It has to fall under one of the 12 licensing reasons.
  • I can get a Visa/Travel Card at the airport in Miami.
  • Casa peculiares and Airbnb are my best bets for lodging. I want to be able to read reviews since I’m traveling solo, so I don’t want to just take my chances with a casa when I get there.
  • Taxis are easy to get and I know the general cost (CUC) through Old Havana.
  • I should have a general layout of my travel *just in case* I get asked for validation of why I’m there.
  • I need all cash because American cards do not work there (and it might be cheaper to convert my USD to euros stateside so I can avoid the 10% fee with USD).
  • I’ll want to have an offline map downloaded and everything I need printed out since internet pretty much won’t be a thing.

Is there anything I’m missing?

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I am looking for your best Havana and surrounding tips, tricks, and hidden gems. I want to experience Cuba for all that it’s worth. I plan on using Airbnb Experiences in order to find little things to do.

I’m also looking for your best solo travel tips. This is my first time doing the solo route and any advice is welcome! I speak limited Spanish, but am planning on doing Duolingo leading up to the trip.

Hit me with your best advice for Havana, solo traveling, and apps that I need before I go. Also, spam me with movies, books, etc. I can watch/read in order to learn even more before my trip!

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