Chicken Shit Bingo (yes, you read that right)


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Did you know there is a place on this Earth where crowds of people line up outside of a tiny, tiny bar to wait for a chicken to poop? I shit you not.

This mythical sounding event takes place in Austin, Texas at The Little Longhorn Saloon (also known as “Ginny’s”). On Sunday afternoons from 4 to 8, locals and tourists alike gather and pay to watch a chicken poop.

The Little Longhorn Saloon, a dive bar with a landmark steeple atop their bar roof, has been slinging beers and rocking bands for over 40 years. The Saloon has transitioned owners since this event first began, but the tradition has remained in tact and continues to go strong every week.

Little Longhorn Saloon - Austin, TX - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

I took this blurb from The Saloon’s website: “Chicken Shit Bingo started when a local musician approached the bar’s previous owners, Don and Ginny, with an idea he brought back from California. There, he had seen cow shit bingo, but he suggested using chickens instead. Ginny’s famous response was: “It’s never gonna last.” Today, the 25-year tradition would suggest otherwise.”

Let me set the scene for you: I’m visiting my friends in Austin for a long weekend. We’ve been drinking all weekend and enjoying my escape from reality. My friend gets a text asking if we want to join at Chicken Shit Bingo. Erm, excuse me? I had to clarify that the diet coke I was drinking didn’t have whiskey in it and that I heard it right. “Yep,” she said, “chicken shit bingo.” COUNT. ME. IN.

So we get there a bit early because apparently this is a big deal. And why wouldn’t it be? We had to wait around until the face of chicken shit bingo (who wouldn’t want that title?!) announces what table the tickets will be sold at. Once that happens, the crowd runs to the table and a line forms. Holy smokes – this line was nuts. We were all waiting to buy a $2 ticket for a chance at $100 or a $5 ticket for a chance at $300. You are given a ticket that has a random number on it and then you just wait and hope the chicken poops on your number.

Little Longhorn Saloon - Austin, TX - Wandering Nobody Travel BlogLittle Longhorn Saloon - Austin, TX - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

I’d say the line took about 30-45 minutes to run out of tickets. There were still people in line, but they were just shit out of luck. (You guys, my dream of a post filled with shitty puns is coming true!) Then, the waiting for the chicken to be brought to the coop begins. The chicken is brought out by the handler, then the crowd waits until the chicken poops. Whatever number the poop lands on is the winner.


Yes, there are grown adults gathered around a chicken coop for hours waiting on the poor feathered soul to poop on a number. Apparently there are no animal rights violations being played with here, but it did make me feel a bit weird…but that’s just me. The Saloon plays 4 rounds of this bingo and the whole event lasts about 4 hours. There are port-a-potties outside, a single person bathroom (both men & women’s…so 2) inside, and a bar that sells only beer and some wine. Outside you can get some food that looked amazing and band merch. I walked away with this stellar coozie that perfectly captured a chicken pooping.

Chicken Shit Bingo - Austin, Texas - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Do I recommend you check out chicken shit bingo when you’re in Austin? 100%. Apparently there is one other bar in Austin that has taken this on, but the original is at The Little Longhorn Saloon. Make sure you bring cash and fully engage yourself in this weird tradition. Make sure you’re cheering on the chicken, because he apparently likes it.

If you want a pro tip: Bring a lawn chair, you’ll fit in!

Have you been to chicken shit bingo in Austin? Or have you been a part of other events that are equally as strange? Comment and share your story!

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