Let’s Travel To: Fern Canyon (Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park), CA

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What an exciting time for Wandering Nobody! I’m here with a second guest poster to write some amazing content for WN. Life is being thrown at me full swing and I can’t put as much time into writing as I want to. The holidays are around the corner, there are a million travel plans falling into place, and my full-time job is pulling at me from every direction. Thank goodness the universe gave the blogging community an abundance of people willing to guest post during these times!

This week, Kat from Inevitably Fierce wrote an amazing piece from one of her favorite spots to adventure to. Kat is a Special Education teacher in Northern California who loves hiking and exploring near and far. The focus of Inevitably Fierce is to share information for those who have been diagnosed with Endometriosis. She posts content to help with day-to-day life, women’s hormone health, staying healthy, and improving overall quality of life all while spreading awareness of Endometriosis. If being a teacher, a blogger, and living with a chronic disease wasn’t enough, Kat also is an advocate against elephant poaching and works on legislation in CA to continue her advocacy.

Read Kat’s post on What Endometriosis Feels Like here. She shares what parts of her life are like dealing with Endometriosis.

Head over to her blog and send her some love. She’s a great human and blogger and deserves all of the recognition she can get!

Blog: InevitablyFierce.com
Twitter: @katredenius

5 Quick Tips Picked by Wandering Nobody Before We Dive In

  1. Be prepared to pay the park entrance fee
  2. Pets are not allowed in the canyon (even service animals – is this legal???), but are allowed on the beach
  3. The main parking lot is small – parking is permitted on Davison Rd
  4. Bring your boots – you’ll be trekking through water!
  5. Have a place in your backpack to dispose of trash – there are no receptacles throughout the park

Fern Canyon (Prairie Tree State Park), CA
Kat – Inevitably Fierce

Imagine a world where you get to pass between steep walls lined with ferns, which sparkle with the sound of each drip. Located in the far northwest of California is a listening waterway that will no doubt make you feel like a kid again. My walk through Fern Canyon was quite awe inspiring.

The redwood forest is no doubt a common bucket list item for many. It can be compared to a child’s movie in which fairies exist. The trees stand so tall as if they represent the columns of a cathedral that reach toward the heavens. No matter how you choose to describe the redwoods, one place that is a must see is Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park.


A Few Tips Before the Adventure

Fern Canyon is located a few miles north of Orick CA on highway 101. You then make a turn from HWY 101 onto Davison Rd. Trailers and motor homes are not permitted on Davison Rd. as 24 feet is the max length for vehicles. There is a park entrance fee. Pets are not permitted in the canyon, but are allowed on the beach. You may visit http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=415 for more general park and road information.

Something you will definitely want to know before taking your walk through Fern Canyon is a little bit about the parking lot. It is small, especially in comparison to how many people plan to visit the place in a day. On the day I visited, I had to park on the side of the dirt Davison Rd. Fortunately, Davison Rd. is permitted to park along. When I came out of Fern Canyon and back to the parking lot, the traffic in and out was horrific. Luckily, an ambulance was headed out with its lights and horns whirling. I took the opportunity to follow behind and got to leave without fuss.

bird s eye view of parked cars

Seriously though, don’t let that discourage you from visiting. From my experience, my tips for parking will definitely make this much easier. If you arrive to a relatively spacious parking lot, drive through it. It does a loop. Make the loop and then drive as if you are leaving the park. Park as far down Davison Rd. as you are able to and park on the right side of the road, facing out of course.

Now that you are parked in a way you are able to easily leave, get on your rubber boots. I am not joking. It is the best way to enjoy the trek through the canyon. Fern canyon has a creek that runs through it year round. There are wooden planks along the way – you will have no choice, but to line up in single file and wait for others. You still may even get your feet wet.


Exploring Fern Canyon

So are you ready to explore this place? Did you know it was the site used as the backdrop for the movie Jurassic Park? Surely, you would love to have your senses enlightened for the day. I ran through the waters and climbed onto the logs. I held up my hands under the drips and falls located along the way.

If you are lucky enough to get to go in the late summer, you may get to have a day where the sun rays beat through the canopy above. The water through Fern Canyon is so pristine. The high walls you will be passing through are lined with layers of ferns and moss which no doubt purify the environment. The coastal air will likely leave your lips feeling a bit salty and the mood a bit uplifted. This is a forest bathing you must surely fit in to your travel plans.


There are some major downfalls in regards to accessibility. Pets, not even service animals, are allowed in the canyon. There is also no handicap or wheelchair accessibility through the creek floor. Park rangers pass through the creek often and will even ticket.

Also, the canyon has no trash receptacles or picnicking areas. You do not want to plan to eat or snack through the creek. Surely, though, you will have made plans to eat at one of the great places of dining on the redwood coast. There is an abundance of chefs who make the most of the area’s farm, sea and pasture foods, not to mention the craft microbreweries as well.

I personally, made sure to visit on a day when I could make it to the Farmer’s Market in Arcata CA, located about 35 miles south of Orick. There is a gluten free baker who started Arise Bakery and sells her breads and baked goods at the market. Her breads are so far the best of the gluten free options out there. I surely was not going to pass it by.

Nevertheless, after your wonderfully magical trek through Fern Canyon, you will want to plan to visit one of the local eateries to complete the day. So what are you waiting for? Hop on Airbnb and reserve a home away from home. Look into the dining options. Complete your stay by visiting the Finnish Country Sauna and get a 30 minute soak in a private hot tub. Grab a hot cocoa in the café on your way out even!

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Fern Canyon sounds amazing. Thanks so much to Kat at Inevitably Fierce for sharing her story! Go read her latest posts while simultaneously increasing your knowledge on Endometriosis and what a day in the life entails.

Blog: InevitablyFierce.com
Twitter: @katredenius

If you’re interested in being a guest blogger on Wandering Nobody, please reach out! I would love to collaborate!

Have you been to Fern Canyon? Or another area around it? Share your experience in the comments below!

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