3 Reasons You Should Travel (Backed By Research)

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I’m a scientific gal. I like to answer “why” questions and have cold hard facts to support the answers. Research makes me happy.

My name is Karlie and I’m a huge nerd.

Several weeks ago, I began a Monday Morning Travel Fact campaign for my email list. Most of the facts that I post have research to back up the findings. If you’re not signed up for my email list yet, I’m going to give you a peek into what you’re missing.

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**RESEARCH: Angelova, Maria. “Working During Your Vacation? Here’s What Happens to Your Brain!” Traveler’s Test. June 18, 2017.

I think this can apply to your weekend (or days off), too. The American work culture is work 24/7, you’re never done, and it consumes your life.

Well guess what? That email from your boss will be there tomorrow, Angela can wait for the donation for Oscar’s birthday lunch, and the RSVP to your quarterly meeting will be in the same spot when you sign back in.

I give you reasons to keep (or start) traveling that are backed up by science. Name a better reason to travel than for science – I’ll wait.

Monday Morning Travel Motivation - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog
**RESEARCH: Crane, Brent. “For a More Creative Brain, Travel.” Atlantic, March 31, 2015.

This completely makes sense, though. Think of when a child gets exposed to kindergarten. Their whole sense of being changes because of the new experiences they have each day. Even though our brains are more stubborn as an adult, the same concept should apply!

Next time you are traveling in a new place, emerge yourself in the culture. Take classes with locals, stay with a local, volunteer with a local organization. Not only are you helping others and local businesses, you are helping yourself by expanding your knowledge and overall brain capacity.

Monday Morning Travel Motivation Travel Fact - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog
**RESEARCH: Alton, Larry. “5 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Traveling Abroad.” NBC News, May 19, 2017.

If giving you justification to spend your hard earned money on travel isn’t enough to join my email list, I’m not sure what is. 

So, here’s my shameless plug – join my email list! I promise I will not spam you. When you sign up, you’ll also get my “Top 5 Travel Items You Forget Until It’s Too Late” list. I’m working on other content right now, as well, that will be exclusive to my email list.

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You really don’t want to miss out on anything exciting, but especially my Monday Morning Travel Facts. Don’t let #FOMO creep up on you Monday afternoon wishing you had access to whatever fun, research-backed fact I throw at you.

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  1. I definitely love your suggestion about taking classes with the locals. This is one great way to absorb all the culture. Great post 🙂

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