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Hey there!

It’s a beginning of a new month, which means it’s time for another income report.

September was a tough month in the numbers game. I only had six new posts, so traffic wasn’t being driven through Word Press itself. With my full time job starting, I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time promoting my posts on social media. I’m still trying to figure out the best way for me to juggle full-time work, part-time work, and my blog…but I’ll get there.

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Wandering Nobody’s Income Report
–Month Three–


  • Total new posts: 6
  • Income: $18.60
  • Expenses: $12.95
  • I’ll be making some changes on social media

LONG TERM BLOG GOALS (Read why I chose these long term goals in How I Made $89.01 My First Month Blogging – July 2018 Income Report)

  1. Write for myself.
    It has been so fun and challenging writing about topics that I don’t have extensive knowledge in aside from experience. It’s difficult at times, but incredibly satisfying.
  2. Make $250 a month.
    I’m getting there! This month was almost $19 – slowly but surely.
  3. Hone in on my creative side past what I create for work.
    Yes! This takes a different amount of brain power and it has been amazing. It has made me look at marketing and ads in a different way and has made me appreciate the behind-the-scenes creative work that goes on in marketing, advertising, and writing so much more.
  4. Make an identity for myself outside of being a Speech-Language Pathologist.
    I’m not just an SLP, but I’m a blogger now. Identifying outside of my career has been fulfilling. It’s so easy to get consumed by your work that this is very important to me.
  5. Grow a network and engage in a new community.
    LOVE the blogging community. They are the most supportive and friendly group of stranger friends.


  1. Increase blog views to 1000
    Still working on this. September was my lowest view count yet. Like I explained in the intro, I’m still figuring out how to make everything work in my life. Balancing all of this is difficult, but I’m determined to figure it out. 
  2. Increase all social media following
    –Twitter followers to 1000 – done! Huge shout out to everyone on Twitter that helped me surpass my goal!
    –Instagram to 350 – not yet. I’m really struggling with Instagram. I ended August with 296, but ended September with 277. I get new followers daily, but the unfollow game is real. 
    –Pinterest to 75 – not yet. I continue to increase my following and monthly reach, but not quite to this goal yet.
    –Facebook to 40 – not yet. I increased my following, but not to 40. 
  3. Post blog once per week – done! I may not have kept to my twice a week schedule, but I definitely did post once a week.
  4. Increase email subscriber list to 16 – not yet.

black and white blog business chocolate


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  3. Let’s Travel To: Venice, Italy
  5. A Must-Eat Restaurant in Denver, CO – Butcher’s Bistro
  6. How I Organize My Blog & Life (& Keep The Two Apart) – A Plum Paper Planner Review


Blog Traffic - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Blog Website
—-Total followers: 85
—-Total page views: 489
—-Most visitedEverything You Need to Know About Fabletics Activewear

—-Followers: 277 (downfrom 296)
—-Most liked photo: 92 for the beautiful Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen

Top September Instagram Post - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

—-Followers: 1108 (up from 845)

—-Followers: 33 (up from 32)

—-Followers: 50; 2K monthly viewers (up from 50)

Email List
—-Total subscribed: 12 (up from 8)


I’m measuring income by a few things.

  • I began using affiliate links* about 3 weeks into this blog.
  • I began WordAds through WordPress a little over 3 weeks into this blog.
  • I began trying to use ads about 3 weeks into this blog….that’s a work in progress.
    **Affiliates = Amazon, Fabletics, Care/Of Vitamins, Stitch Fix

Subscription credits

  • No subscription credits this month


  • Care/Of – $3.38
  • Amazon – $15.08


  • $0.14



Canva renewal: $12.95


Woo baby! I’m back making a profit! = $5.65 (with my deficit from last month, I am still negative $74.94 – but that’s OK)

The numbers this month were not in my favor. It was the worst month in views to date. It really shows that when you’re not promoting yourself, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic.

I haven’t put the time into the blog itself and focused instead on social media because it takes less time. Was it the right thing to do? Maybe not. But I am consistently engaged on Twitter.

Instagram, on the other hand, is a wonder I just can’t figure out. My following went down instead of up. And I’m getting new followers everyday. I really don’t understand it. I engage with others and I follow others, but it just keeps fluctuating. To be honest, I don’t get all that much traffic from Instagram…so I may just not focus a ton of energy there.

Something exciting that happened this month – I GOT TRAFFIC FROM SEARCH ENGINES. That was pretty exciting in my book.

Blog Search Terms - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Barely, but it’s a star – right?

Websites & Apps I’m still using:

NOTE: The following may contain affiliate links. If you use my link to create an account or purchase memberships, I may receive a small amount or a referral perk at no extra cost to you. I did not receive any type of free product or compensation for a positive review. All of the following was based on an unbiased opinion. You can view my disclosures statement here.

Canva – Absolutely recommend! I’ve upgraded to premium so I can have a greater amount of stock images to use. They do one month free trial, so this is my second month using and my first month paying. Canva is great for all of those nice graphics you see on Insta, Pinterest, etc. It really makes things pop and they have a ton of free stock images to use.

Blog Change Pinterest Canva Design - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Tailwind App They do have a free trial , so I haven’t had to pay anything yet. Tailwind improves your Pinterest engagement. “Schedule Posts, Discover Content, Monitor Conversations, Amplify your Reach, and Measure Results. All with One Tool.” It’s helped build a Pinterest following to what it is. – This month I stopped using Tailwind because I ran out of my free trial. I wasn’t ready to pay for it yet. 

Mail Chimp – I use Mail Chimp for my email pop-up on my site and to send messages to said list. This website took me some time to figure out, but if I would have watched some tutorials first, it would have been fine. I’m too stubborn. Mail Chimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers. I’m good for close to eternity.

This month, I also started a new email campaign. Every Monday morning I send out a new fun travel fact. It’s been really fun for me to do!

Later – This site is great for planning out Instagram posts. You are able to see how they will look on your current page if you are a brand that has a specific look. You can save the post to give you a notification at the time/day you want and then it will copy everything and open up when you open the notification. My favorite part is that you can save hashtag strings so you’re not annoying yourself typing them out or going back and forth from your notes in your phone. The free version allows you 30 posts per month.

NEW THIS MONTHCrowdfire App. This app runs a lot like Later. With the free version, you get to connect one account per social media platform and can have 10 scheduled posts per account. There is also a follower and unfollower tracker. There are several subscription options where you get more features – the cheapest is $7.99 a month and the most expensive is $75 a month (with several in between). The paid versions include post analytics and a lot of nice extras. I am thinking at some point I might upgrade, just not until I get some more steady income. Another nice feature is that there are articles based on your content that you can share on your platforms. My favorite part of this app, though, is that there is an option for “Post at the Best Time” where the app posts scheduled content when the engagement is high.


  1. Increase blog views to 800
  2. Increase all social media following
    –Twitter followers to 1500
    –Instagram to 350
    –Pinterest to 75
    –Facebook to 40
  3. Follow my posting schedule better
  4. Increase email subscriber list to 16

So here’s my month three income report. This is seriously a crazy learning process and it’s been quite the ride. These income reports are such a great way to reflect on my month. Maybe someone else will learn from my mistakes and/or experiences. Any tips out there for what I’m lacking? Throw them at me!

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2 Comments on “September Income Report

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Your honesty and transparency is refreshing. It does provide encouragement for us part time bloggers who love what we do, but struggle to pull huge numbers. Slow and steady!


    • Ugh, yes. It gets discouraging reading all of the “mega success” posts about making hundreds or thousands of dollars and millions of views. One day I’ll get there – hopefully! Haha!


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