How I Organize My Blog & Life (& Keep The Two Apart) – A Plum Paper Planner Review

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I realize that I just wrote a post about not doing reviews anymore. Well here we are. Although this is not directly related to traveling, it is related to life and blogging. I would not survive day-to-day without my Plum Paper planners.

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Yes, plural. I have one for work and one for life. Granted, the life planner was provided to me from Plum Paper in turn for a review. It doesn’t matter though, I’ve purchased three before I was given one for free.

If I had my blog lists and trackers mixed in with my work lists and trackers, I’d lose my mind and never know which way is up. I like to keep the two separate so I can focus on one big project in that moment.

My Plum Paper Planners - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog
Left = Personal Planner; Right = Work Planner
NOTE: The following review does contain links that result in perks to me. If you use my link to purchase any products, I may receive a small amount or reward at no extra cost to you. I did not receive any type of free product or compensation for a positive review. All of the following was based on an unbiased opinion. You can view my disclosures statement here.


Plum Paper is a stationary company based out of San Diego. Plum Paper started by creating wedding invitations and note cards. Once they began creating planners, they took off and became known mainly for their notebooks and paper planners. Plum Paper’s website tells us that each planner is handmade with care and hard work.

Each planner is completely able to be customized to what you want/need. Plum Paper offers three different sizes, customizable covers, customizable layouts/grids, and specific planners geared toward teachers and students.

Plum Paper Planner Options - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog
Different Planner Size & Layout Options

For each planner, there are “Add Ons” that you can choose to insert into your planner, such as Meal Planning, BLOG PLANNING (!) Fitness Planning, Budget Planning, and more.

Plum Paper Ad Ons - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog
Plum Paper Add On Options

Plum Paper offers vertical and horizontal layouts, plus monthly, weekly, and grid layouts for your planner. You can choose any combination and I promise you will find one that will be exactly what you want.

If you don’t feel like going through and customizing each section, have no fear. Plum Paper has you covered and have “ready to ship” options.


Customization: 10/10 – You can customize your planners cover with many different options, text, and pictures. The personalization of the contents of the planner is endless and can match your organization style to whatever you please. With the Add Ons, the customization options extend even further. I’ll go into more detail on all of this within the body of the review. Plum Paper also allows you to choose the start month of your planner and you can choose from 12 month through 18 month spread options.

Durability: 10/10 – The front and back cover have a clear plastic cover to help protect the planner itself. Each month has sturdy tabs that I haven’t had tear with heavy use. There is a strong aluminum binding ring that holds together the 70 lb paper. These planners last me the full year with heavy use and carting back and forth daily in my messy bag.

Size: 8/10 – For me, I don’t mind the bulkiness because I use it to organize every possible detail of my day. However, someone did just make the comment, “OMG! That is so thick and heavy!” It is pretty heavy, but that’s because I have weekly layouts. If you’re more of a month kind of planner user, yours won’t be as dense. Plum Paper also offers different sizes in terms of width x height. You can choose between 5.8″ x 8.3″, 7″ x 9″, and 8.5″ x 11″.

Accessories: 5/10 – Plum Paper has recently stepped up their accessory game. I believe you can also find accessories on Etsy. On Plum Paper’s website, you can buy pen holders, clip page marks, magnetic page marks, sticky notes, stickers, and other accessories. They also just launched their new monthly sticker subscription recently. However, I feel like I’m not the best judge for accessories because I just don’t see the need for them.

Let’s start with my work planner. I started with these planners two school years ago. I have changed them a little every year and each one keeps getting better. This year, I went with a vertical weekly layout with extra note pages each month so I can keep random notes all in one place.

I could NOT survive without this planner at work. 

Plum Paper Work Planner in Use - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

You can see that I customized each section with a “to do list,” a reminder box, and a priority box. This is how I like to keep myself organized. Each heading in the planner is customizable for however you best stay organized.

That’s one of the great perks of Plum Paper planners – you get to customize it for you. You won’t have random pieces of space that you don’t use because you build it.

Within my work planner, I also have an Add On for “My Class” so I can keep track of parent’s contact information, as well as an additional note section. Last year I didn’t have enough “extra” space for notes, so I made sure to solve that problem this year.

Paper Mate 70644 Point Guard Flair Porous
Point Stick Pen, Assorted Colors, Medium, 16-Count

Now let’s take a look at my daily life planner. This was given to me by Plum Paper in return for a review. I was able to choose 2 add-ons. I chose the Blog and the Social Media add ons, which are located in the back of the planner. For this planner and for review purposes, I chose a different layout that includes 6 different headings for each day. I also customized the front cover to have a picture on it (something I hadn’t done for my past work planners).

Plum Paper Personal Planner - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

For my weekly layout, I chose the six heading option and customized them to “Meals,” “Work,” “Blog,” Workout,” “Housework,” “Etc.” and “Ian (my partner).” These made the most sense to me and it helps keep my lists of to do organized. You can customize them to whatever helps you the most.

Plum Paper Personal Planner Weekly View - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

I also love to color code….so the organization + color coding makes this girl SUPER happy.

The only thing I’m not super thrilled about is how small the Saturday and Sunday boxes are, but I can deal with it. If that’s my biggest complaint, I think we’re OK.


Plum Paper Personal Planner - Blog Organizer - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog
Blog Organization by Month

This will be added on at the end of your planner. The first page of this Add On is a place to keep all of your log in information. It gives you space for the platform, username, password, handle, etc. I personally like this feature, but I can absolutely see how others wouldn’t.

The Blog Add On then goes into 12 monthly overview layouts like the picture you see above. It gives you space to prioritize your to do list, giveaways, advertising, important dates, and brainstorming. The next page gives you a layout for post scheduling. Here you’ll find a grid for each post and a checklist for writing, editing, and posting. It also provides a post-month review for blog reflection and statistics. This is a great way to keep track of how you’re doing month-to-month.

After the 12 monthly spreads, this Add On provides several pages to organize advertising/sponsorship/reviews. Think of this as a mini Rolodex that you keep in your planner, but also includes duration of each, contract information, and reimbursement/pay rate. A Rolodex on crack, so to speak.

Huhuhero Fineliner Color Pen Set,
0.38 mm Fine Line Drawing Pen, Porous Fine
Point Markers Perfect for Coloring Book
and Bullet Journal Art Projects, Pack of 10

It then moves on to organization for giveaways/contests, including affiliate and winner contact information. It also gives you space to track statistics before and after your giveaway/contest.

Finally, the Blog Organizer ends with pages for expense and income tracking. Not much to say about this because it’s pretty straightforward.

The very last page of the Blog Organizer is a yearly overview. This breaks down month-by-month gross income, total expenses, and net income.

Overall, it’s just a really great section to keep all of your blog tracking in one spot. Could you keep it in a notebook? Sure, but why not keep it in your planner where it’s already nicely organized for you?


Plum Paper Personal Planner - Social Media Planning - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog
Social Media Monthly Organization

 I haven’t quite used this Add On yet. I haven’t taken to scheduling campaigns, analyzing “competition,” or making social media goals apart from increasing following/engagement. As seen in the photo above, there’s a monthly planning spread that lets you brainstorm and keep track of your posts and campaigns. It also gives you room to jot down different following numbers before and after posts.

The one piece of this Add On I have used is the first page, the social media posting guide. There’s several charts that show how many posts you should have for each platform each day, optimal times/days to post on each platform, and image sizes if you’re creating content from scratch.

There’s also grid that gives you ideas for social media content each day of the week. I’m not posting a picture of this page for a reason, because I don’t want to give away Plum Papers secrets. But – for example, Monday content ideas include “Humor: Share a comic, humorous image, meme, or funny phrase related to your business or industry.” This grid also gives several hashtags related to each day (#ManicMonday, #MondayMotivation).

Full Adhesive Label Roll [Set of 2] Color: Blue


Each planner that I have had from Plum Paper has included a month-by-month “special dates” section, a monthly highlights page, and a calendar-style month view.

Plum Paper Monthly Highlights - Wandering Nobody Travel BlogPlum Paper Monthly View - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

I honestly cannot rave enough about these planners. If you’re into planners like I am, you’re probably wondering what these babies cost.

Compared to other planners that are similar (cough – EC – cough), Plum Paper Planners are reasonable for being able to completely customize it to your liking.  A 7×9 planner with 12 months and three “Add Ons” cost me $50.50.

If you’re not into planners and are asking why the hell I spent that much on a planner… It’s because it keeps me organized and makes me happy. I was never happy with the cheap planners from Target and they just stressed me out. These are customized to what keeps me organizes and helps my overall being (dramatic….). I’ll spend the $50 a year instead of hiring an expensive life coach.


In recent months, Plum Paper has jumped on the accessory and subscription bus like many companies do.

Plum Paper Planner Stickers - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Plum Paper makes stickers for different lifestyles that you can add into your planner. It makes for a nice aesthetic if you’re into that. I haven’t dabbled in the stickers. Above are just a few options of lifestyles and types of stickers Plum Paper offers.

Plum Paper Accessories - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

You can also purchase different clips, tabs, pen holders, and sticky notes to improve the aesthetic and organization of your planners. Again, I haven’t found a reason to splurge on these, but to each their own!

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Plum Paper recently launched their monthly sticker subscription. Now, I LOVE subscription boxes and I love stickers because they go over great with the kids I work with. However, I just haven’t been able to spend the money on this.

Plum Paper Sticker Subscription - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

This sticker subscription will cost you $10/month or you can save by doing an annual subscription for $90/year.

I just can’t bring myself to pay for it.

So there you have it!

I love my Plum Paper Planners. Even though I received one from the company in return for a review, that in no way altered how I feel about the planners and company. Like I said, I had purchased several of these planners before I was given one for a review.

If you want to purchase your Plum Paper planner, head over to the website using my link to save 10% off your first purchase! (As of the posting of this review, I am in contact with Plum Paper for a specific code you can apply at check out – I will keep this post updated on my progress.)

Do you use Plum Paper? Are you going to check it out? Or do you have another planner that you love? Drop a comment and let me know your favorite way to organize your life!

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