A Must-Eat Restaurant in Denver, CO – Butcher’s Bistro

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In August 2018, one of my best friends had her Bachelorette Party in Denver, CO. Her bridesmaids live all over the Midwest, so the bride picked a destination and we all traveled to meet each other. We rented an incredible Airbnb and spent the weekend drinking, laughing, dancing, and of course eating. I’m going to be sharing several experiences in Denver, but today’s highlight was an unexpected one.

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We ended up with a reservation at Butcher’s Bistro. It’s a restaurant I 100% recommend if you are in the Denver area and craving some steak or fresh cuts of meat.

To say we had a diverse group of eaters is probably an understatement. Several of us would eat anything put in front of us, but another few were picky AF. Love you girls, but you make choosing somewhere to eat a pain in the ass. 🙂 ❤

This resulted in hours of sitting on Yelp reading through menus trying to find something we can all agree on. The pickiest decided she wanted steak one night, so we went from there. 1 wanted steak, 2 wanted a salad, and 2 didn’t give two poos, as long as it was edible and decent. Salads you can get anywhere, but steak was a bit more tricky. We stumbled upon Butcher’s Bistro on Yelp and decided it was perfect. It was also almost 9 on a Saturday night so we needed to choose quick.

We got there and the first thing you see walking in is this drool worthy showcase of meats they cook. 

Butcher's Bistro Meat Case - Denver, CO - Wandering Nobody

By this time, three of the girls were really second guessing the decision I made by choosing this restaurant, but it was late and we were sticking to it. After we “checked-in” at the front, we waited a bit. After several minutes, the owner came out and basically said, “We effed up.” They accidentally gave our reserved 5-top away to a 5-top that walked in right before us. It really wasn’t a big deal, but the awesome owner, Scott, offered us a free round of drinks or to open the patio for us to have privately. We went with the patio because with booze our laughs can get loud. 🙂

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The patio was gorgeous and such a nice, quaint area. There were grapes growing on the fixture above and pretty greenery making it feel like a private garden. Now, if you’re wondering, these grapes are 100% real. Not that I tested it myself or anything…

Butcher's Bistro Grapes - Denver, CO - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

About Butcher’s Bistro

The two owners of Butcher’s Bistro (Scott & Tyson) met while working at another restaurant in Denver. Together, they opened Butcher’s Bistro in October 2014 and have been providing exceptional dining experiences since.

They describe their establishment as “upscale-casual dining” and retail butcher, specializing in nose-to-tail preparation. The cows, pigs, lambs, and poultry are bought locally, as well as the cheese, eggs, and greens. On top of their menu, Butcher’s Bistro encourages you to choose a cut of meat from their case for your dinner.

The menu on the website may differ from what you see at the restaurant. Each day, the menu depends on what is seasonal, what is in stock, and what their creative minds can think of. Aside from lunch and dinner, Butcher’s Bistro also provides an array of cocktails, drinks, and desserts on the menu.

Our Dining Experience

I mentioned in the beginning how there was a little mix up with our reservation. This really wasn’t a big deal to us. But I do like and respect when a restaurant can say, “Hey we made a mistake. Let me fix it.” The owner, Scott, was super chill and talked to us for a bit and put the girls who weren’t sure about the food selection at ease. He promised he would make something they liked – which is a pretty steep promise!

The patio they offered us wasn’t open for the evening, but they prepped it and got it ready for our “private dining” experience. We were seated and got ourselves ready to order some drinks. Several of us wanted to try a cocktail, but weren’t sure which way to go. Scott (the owner) came out and talked us through the menu. We were able to tell him what liquor we liked, what tastes we didn’t like, and he was able to direct us to what we should get. His recommendations were 100% spot on, too.

The majority of us ordered the “Tiny Dancer.” It had vodka, lime, grapefruit, and orange flower and came in a cute little glass. It was very fruity, not overboard on the vodka or citrus, and was great for a first drink. Personally, I don’t do fruity too often, but one was perfect. Then I switched to red wine.

The waiter (I’m so sorry I forgot his name…) was amazing, as well. He was very attentive and put up with 5 smart ass, indecisive girls. Between the waiter and the owner, they were able to talk all of us through the menu so we could order and be confident in what we chose.

Because of the initial mix-up, we were given a round of appetizers on the house. Typically, I’m not a fan of savory items that should be sweet – like appetizer donuts. BUT – holy smokes, these were sent from the savory donut gods. They had a meat stuffing with a maple glaze on top. They were gone in about 2 seconds.

Butcher's Bistro Donuts - Denver, CO - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Two of the girls ordered a deviled egg and they said it was equally delectable. You get one egg per order, but it’s perfect for something light while you’re waiting on your dinner. It was deliciously creamy and not too strong on any one flavor in the mix.

They also have options for appetizers like beef heart, pig head, and bison balls. We weren’t that adventurous…

Butcher's Bistro Deviled Egg - Denver, CO - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

So we had the pregame of appetizers, now give us our entrees. I’ll give you the rundown of what we ordered followed by pictures.

Caesar Salad – came with croutons, a great Caesar dressing, and Spanish anchovies. The girls that ordered the salads picked around the anchovy, but I think I’d do the same. I know that Caesar dressing has anchovy blended in, but I prefer not to see it. It didn’t deter from the taste or the presentation, though. It was a really good Caesar salad. Not much more you can say about a salad, sorry.

Butcher's Bistro Caesar Salad - Denver, CO - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Beef Skewer – came with a sweet pepper jam, veggies, and a root vegetable puree. The bride was quite pleased with her pick. The cut of steak was cooked to the right temperature, was tender, juicy, and not chewy. The veggies had that perfect grill flavor to them since it was all cooked on a skewer.

Butcher's Bistro Beef Skewers - Denver, CO - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Steak & Frites – OK, I can really put the description here because I ate the shit out of this and enjoyed every bite I took. Even one of the pickiest eaters in the world enjoyed her plate. The cut of the night was Wagyu. Anytime I can get a Wagyu cut for a decent price, I’m on it like white on rice. The meat was cooked as ordered, the frites were the perect amount of crunchy, and the horseradish sauce served with it was the ideal accompaniment. The meat had an amazing char on the outside to give it a grilled taste to mix with the tenderness and the smoothness of the meat. I was between two menu items and picked this at the last second and I’m so happy I did.

Butcher's Bistro Steak & Frites - Denver, CO - Wandering Nobody

By this time we were absolutely stuffed, but delightfully pleased. The owner came out to talk to us for a bit and we somehow ended up with a dessert. I can’t say I was mad about it because you literally can’t be mad about dessert. Ever.

Out comes the choc-uterie. There was pork-infused mousse and caramel, fruit, cheese, and a cookie/cracker carrier. It was a great blend of sweets, not too rich, and light enough not to bust all the seams in your bottoms. The dessert was cleared in record speed. As I said earlier, savory options mixed in with sweets freaks me out, but Butcher’s Bistro has the concept down to perfection.

They also offer a Chicharrón Cannoli option for dessert.

Butcher's Bistro Choc-uterie - Denver, CO - Wandering Nobody

The whole experience we had was memorable and special. It was our final dinner in Denver and we couldn’t have ended it in a better place.

Aside from beef, their menu also includes chicken, ham, lamb, pork, and sausage options. The menu also has a variety of small plates, starters, charcuterie, and salads.

Since it was the end of the night and the dinner crowd was winding down, the owner and waiter were able to talk to us a for a decent amount of time throughout the dinner. They were both really chill guys. The owner definitely takes pride in his restaurant and knows how to shoot the shit to connect with his customers. Scott has the perfect personality for the industry. We hear his wife is a lovely lady, too.

My bill for the steak+frites, a cocktail, and a glass of wine was about $60. For a great cut of Wagyu and drinks, the price was right there with other steakhouses. When you put the amazing service and customer care, the bill doesn’t compare to the actual value.

Overall, 5/5 of us recommend Butcher’s Bistro in Denver, CO. If you’re looking for the meal of a fancy dinner in a casual environment, this is your spot. If you’re looking for a chill spot for some great cocktails and small plates before your night out, you’ve got your spot. If you want to experience spectacular waitstaff and service, look no further.

Butcher’s Bistro uses Open Table for reservations. The inside isn’t very big, so it’s more of an intimate feel. I suggest you make a reservation, especially on the weekend or if you have a bigger group.

You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Have you had a great dining experience in Denver? Or even at Butcher’s Bistro? Drop a comment below sharing you most favorite or special dining experience!Signature

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