August Income Report

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Is anyone else in complete disbelief that it’s September already? I feel like I just wrote my July income report. We’re all going to be wearing big sweatshirts with boots and leggings sipping soon. That part makes me jump with joy. The part that winter is just around the corner makes me want to scream, but we’ll just take that as it comes.

Since it’s the beginning of the month, here’s my income report from August. As I said in my July report, I write these because I enjoy reading them myself. I like to see what other people are doing both successfully and not successfully. Hopefully it helps someone else, too!

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Blogging – July 2018 Income Report ||

Wandering Nobody’s Income Report
–Month Two–


  • Total new posts: 7
  • Income: $3.75
    +$45 Plum Paper planner
    +$100 Fulham tickets
  • Expenses: $173.35
  • All social media platforms are increasing in followers


  1. Write for myself.
    I said this already, but this has always been my number one. I’ve always enjoyed writing. I was that weird kid in the summer who would read a book and write a report about it. I also had a “blog” in middle school on Xanga. I would just write random things and I don’t think anyone read them. But I got a running knowledge base of HTML that has carried over nicely into starting this blog.
  2. Make $100 a month.
    Even though I love the self-gratification from writing, I’d like to make money from it, too. Because…who wouldn’t? If I can make an extra $100 a month, that would pay for my dog’s rent in my apartment + a nice dinner out. Now that I’m typing this out…I’m modifying it. I’d like a long term goal of making $250 a month. That will pay for my parking & my dog every month.
  3. Hone in on my creative side past what I create for work.
    I’m always having to come up with creative activities and materials for children with my career. I want to be creative in a different sense. This has helped my imagination, creativity, and writing skills in just the short time I’ve been doing this.
  4. Make an identity for myself outside of being a Speech-Language Pathologist.
    This is a hard one when you have a career. When someone asks me about myself, I always lead with saying I’m an SLP. No, I’m a person who does that as a career. This last year I’ve had a really hard time trying to find who I am past that. This has really helped me open up past what is right in front of me.
  5. Grow a network and engage in a new community.
    My network right now is a bunch of clinicians and therapist. That’s totally OK and I love talking about and learning about it. But, I’d like to branch out and get out of the medical world for a bit.


  1. Increase daily blog traffic to average 40 per day or a total of 1500 for the month.
    Nope. Avg 26/day; Total – 804. When I made this goal, TBH, I wasn’t planning ahead. I was traveling for half of the month, so I couldn’t pay my blog the attention it needs to get traffic. It’s OK that this month was lower. I’m still working hard on getting consistent traffic to my blog. It’s going to go up and down, I know.
  2. Grow my Instagram to 275 followers.
    MET! I reached 275 Instagram followers on 8/24.
  3. Grow my Pinterest to 75 followers.
    Nope. I’m just starting to really put effort into the Pinterest side of my blog. I’m hoping it will continue to grow in the next month.
  4. Grow my Twitter to 500 followers.
    MET! This one was blown out of the water! I reached 500 followers 8/7.
  5. Earn $5 in affiliate and/or ad income.
    Nope. $3.75
  6. Earn a profit and not a deficit.
    LOL – nope. I invested a little bit more this month into my blog because I’m wanting it to be long-term. After this month, the monthly cost should go down and I should even out again.
  7. ENJOY myself.
    MET! I’m still enjoying this! I love the writing aspect of it, the engaging with others part, and the “work on my own time” part. I’ve made it a point that if it starts to feel like a chore, I need to take a step back.
  8. Reach out to 3 companies to consider providing me products to review.
    KIND OF MET! I was able to receive a Plum Paper Planner for free by reaching out in exchange for a review, but I have an announcement coming out soon regarding content. In terms of travel, I reached out last week to 3 or 4 companies/hotels to negotiate a media package in return for a comped stay. I will keep you updated on that.

Success - Wandering Nobody


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  2. Sunshine Blogger Award 2018
  3. Bad luck, good trip
  4. Stitch Fix – A Monthly Clothing Subscription Review
  5. Spending a Weekend in Montepulciano (Tuscany), Italy
  6. #SelfieSunday – Meet the Blogger Series Volume 1
  7. THINGS I’VE LEARNED: Hotel vs Airbnb


August Stats - Wandering Nobody

Blog Website
—-Total followers: 76
—-Total page views: 804
—-Average per day: 26
—-Most visited: Care/Of Individualized Vitamin Packs

—-Followers: 296 (up from 207)
—-Most liked photo: 99 for my partner being a dumb-dumb in front of street art in Vienna

Street Art in Vienna - Wandering Nobody

—-Followers: 845 (up from 374)

—-Followers: 32 (up from 24)

—-Followers: 50; 1.8K monthly viewers (up from 38)

Email List
—-Total subscribed: 8 (up from 4)


I’m measuring income by a few things.

  • I began using affiliate links* about 3 weeks into this blog.
  • I began WordAds through WordPress a little over 3 weeks into this blog.
  • I began trying to use ads about 3 weeks into this blog….that’s a work in progress.
    **Affiliates = Amazon, Fabletics, Care/Of Vitamins, Stitch Fix

Subscription credits

  • I maxed out my credits for Care/Of and went the affiliate route for Fabletics & Stitch Fix. So, there are no subscription credits this month.


  • I made some commission and affiliate sales this month. I made 3 sale on Care/Of and several through Amazon. I’m still figuring out the Amazon portion of understanding what I’ve made, so….I could be wrong.
  • Care/Of – $2.23
  • Amazon – $1.52 (I think…)


  • $0.00 – I’m still trying to figure this out, too. BUT – WordPress tells me that the previous month totals gets released at the end of the following month. So I’m guessing since I was only one week in July, there won’t be anything to report at the end of August. I’m hoping once my views start increasing (hopefully, fingers crossed), WordAds will work out for me.



I’m still investing in this start-up, so my costs should go down after this month. I’ll still have monthly subscriptions like Canva and whatever else I use, but the big costs should be gone.

Word Press upgrade to Premium Yearly Plan: $48.00

Canva renewal: $12.95

Themeforest purchase: $29

BlueHost subscription: $83.40


Last month must have been beginners luck. This month I’m in the red $169.60 (with my profit from last month, I am negative $80.59)

Although not in money form, I did gain a profit with items totaling around $150. My boyfriend was given Fulham Football tickets. It was the home opener game and tickets didn’t release to the general public. Shout out to @dembelly for giving us free tickets!! The Twitter community really came together for this one. I was also given a Plum Paper Planner which is a value of $45 in return for a review. Look out for that review coming up at the end of the month.

Fulham Game - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog

Websites & Apps I’m still using:

NOTE: The following may contain affiliate links. If you use my link to create an account or purchase memberships, I may receive a small amount or a referral perk at no extra cost to you. I did not receive any type of free product or compensation for a positive review. All of the following was based on an unbiased opinion. You can view my disclosures statement here.

Canva – Absolutely recommend! I’ve upgraded to premium so I can have a greater amount of stock images to use. They do one month free trial, so this is my second month using and my first month paying. Canva is great for all of those nice graphics you see on Insta, Pinterest, etc. It really makes things pop and they have a ton of free stock images to use.

Tailwind App They do have a free version, so I haven’t had to pay anything yet. But I might. Tailwind improves your Pinterest engagement. “Schedule Posts, Discover Content, Monitor Conversations, Amplify your Reach, and Measure Results. All with One Tool.” It’s helped build a Pinterest following to what it is.

Mail Chimp – I use Mail Chimp for my email pop-up on my site and to send messages to said list. This website took me some time to figure out, but if I would have watched some tutorials first, it would have been fine. I’m too stubborn. Mail Chimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers. I’m good for close to eternity.

Later – This site is great for planning out Instagram posts. You are able to see how they will look on your current page if you are a brand that has a specific look. You can save the post to give you a notification at the time/day you want and then it will copy everything and open up when you open the notification. My favorite part is that you can save hashtag strings so you’re not annoying yourself typing them out or going back and forth from your notes in your phone. The free version allows you 30 posts per month.

I started taking courses from It’s A Lovely Life. I was given the 30-day Blogging Blastoff for free by signing up for BlueHost through their affiliate link. I took the 5 Day Start to Making a Money Making Blog. And I will be taking the 21 Day Travel Blogging Fast Track Course. I definitely recommend Heather and Pete’s courses. They put everything out their for you and it saves you a ton of trial and error learning.

I found that if I promote my posts on relevant Facebook posts, it drives in a lot of traffic. For the past two months, my top post has been Care/Of Daily Vitamins UPDATE. I go in and I comment on their posts that I have a review they should check out. I still need to figure out how to do this for my travel content, but I’m working on it.

Care/Of Facebook Comment - Wandering Nobody Travel Blog


  1. Increase blog views to 1000
  2. Increase all social media following
    –Twitter followers to 1200
    –Instagram to 350
    –Pinterest to 75
    –Facebook to 40
  3. Post blog once per week (work starts this week and I don’t know how I’m going to do balancing both)
  4. Reach out to 5 travel companies regarding partnership/collaboration
  5. Increase email subscriber list to 16

So here’s my month two income report. I think it’s important to share not only the successes, but also the rough patches. That’s how we learn and grow from it. Hopefully those of you reading these are enjoying it and can learn from what I’ve tried (or haven’t tried). Any tips out there for what I’m lacking? Throw them at me!

Signature - Wandering Nobody

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5 Comments on “August Income Report

  1. Great income report!

    $100/month in extra income is such a “doable” goal. It’s always hard when I see people getting started blogging and they’re like… I want to make $100k a year and sit on the beach. I mean, it happens but how often, really?

    Setting realistic expectations and goal-setting is key — and you’ve done both. I look forward to checking out next month’s report.



  2. This is such a brilliant idea. I’m in my second month of blogging now and doing the same types of things, trying to learn affiliate links, balancing a full-time job. It’s tiring for sure but I’m still having so much fun blogging and being a part of the blogging community!


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