Stitch Fix – A Monthly Clothing Subscription Review

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It’s #SubscriptionBoxSunday!

Barely, but it still is. I landed about 4 hours ago from a long weekend in Denver, Colorado. I was on a bachelorette party for one of my best friends. We had an incredible time and I have so many new recommendations and reviews lined up for you all! The highlights? Red Rocks Amphitheater hike, Coors Brewery tour, a lot of food, more than enough drinks, and many needed laughs. I only see these girls about once a year, twice if we’re lucky. It was so fun to get together for a whole weekend!

Coors Brewery Tour - Denver, CO
Obligatory photo opp at Coors Brewery Tour – haha!
With no further ado, let’s dive into my latest subscription box review.
NOTE: The following review does contain links that equal perks to me. If you use my link to purchase any products, I may receive a small amount or reward at no extra cost to you. I did not receive any type of free product or compensation for a positive review. All of the following was based on an unbiased opinion. You can view my disclosures statement here.

Alright you guys. You already know I love subscription boxes and hate dressing myself.

||*SEE: Who Am I? and I Buy A Lot of Stuff*||

When I can combine those two things, you know I’m in! That’s where Stitch Fix comes in. This isn’t a fashion blog, so I’m not going to have super cute and fancy photos in this post. But I will break down the pros, cons, and everything I’ve experienced with Stitch Fix so far.

Fun fact before we start… When I was a kid I would sit in the dressing room and have my mom bring me whatever clothes she felt like having me try on. I wouldn’t try to dress myself because I didn’t care. A little more of a secret? If we go shopping now in my late-20’s, we still play this fun little game. I hate shopping for clothes.

First Stitch Fix Top
This is the first top I got from Stitch Fix – I like that a lot of the items are lighter because it works amazingly for traveling!

The Long Story Made Short & Sweet

  • Convenience – 10/10
  • Price5/10
  • Value7/10
  • Uniqueness – 7/10
  • Fit 9/10


  • Convenience
  • Stitch Fix’s choices get me out of my normal clothing “comfort zone”
  • The style of the clothes is current
  • Someone else is doing the work for me


  • Price
  • Might not always be something I’d wear or looks good on my body type
  • Getting some items you don’t want despite listing that you don’t want them (aka jewelry)
  • Some of the tops start to look alike

Is that all you need to win you over? Perfect! Head over to Stitch Fix and start your Style Profile! Get $25 off your first Fix, too! Need more info? I got you – keep reading.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix describes themselves as an online styling service. I describe it as a monthly clothing box that conveniently dresses me.

A “Personal Stylist” handpicks five pieces per box according to a style profile you fill out, as well as notes you leave your stylist. Each box can contain clothes, shoes, and accessories delivered right to your door. You decide what you want to keep and use their online checkout form. What you want to send back is put in a prepaid envelope and easily dropped in the mail. If you need to exchange something for a different size, you note that on your checkout form and throw it in the prepaid envelope. They’ll send it back for free.

Stitch Fix tells you that you have 3 days to try on and return the items. Now, if you forget to send back items or complete the check out form in the 3 days…they’ll email to remind you. Then they’ll email again asking if you want extended time. Then they’ll email you one more time saying if you don’t return it within one or two days, you’re buying the whole box. I’ve stretched it out over a week on accident. I don’t suggest you try this, but life happens. 

What is the price?

This is going to vary every month. The total price will be what all of the items you are keeping costs.

Each month, though, you will have a $20 styling charge. This will be deducted from whatever you purchase in your box. If you don’t purchase anything, you will eat this cost. I always try to at least take one item out of my box so I can even out the styling charge.

You are able to tell Stitch Fix in the style survey what your budget it. One option is “the cheaper the better.” That’s my choice on all of the items they list. The price breakdown of options then goes into “$50-100, $100-150, $150-200, and $200+.” I’m cheap….sue me. It took them a few boxes to realize I really meant the cheaper the better. But they finally saw I wasn’t messing around.

In Stitch Fix’s FAQ, they say that their average prices for women’s and men clothing is $55 an item. I get things above and below this price in every box.

Another important point is that you get a 25% discount if you buy the whole box. Sometimes if I like 4 items, but not the 5th, I still get it because it comes out cheaper with all 5 and the 25% discount.

What happens after I create an account?

When you create an account, you take an in-depth style survey. There are a lot of questions about your style, your price range, and what types of accessories you like.

The quiz asks what size you typically are for different items of clothing. So you’ll label different items as S/M/L/etc. or 2/4/6/8/etc.

It will ask you about yourself and how you like your top and bottom half clothing to fit. For example, loose, fitted, over sized, etc. The styling quiz will also ask how you like to wear clothes for each part of your body. For example, do you like to flaunt your legs, but hide your arms? Or you hate showing your cleavage, but love a peak-a-boo back? The quiz runs through how you like to flaunt, downplay, or in between your arms, shoulders, legs, back, cleavage, mid-section, and rear.

The style quiz shows you different outfits and styles which you label that you “hate it,” “just ok,” “OK,” “like it,” or “love it.” It will ask you where you shop and has pre-listed options. The quiz asks you what different style you like, such as boho, glamour, casual, edgy – to name a few. It asks about your shoe and accessory preference and how much you want to see different items in your fix (e.g., every fix, sometimes, rarely). It also asks you what colors, patterns, and fabrics you want to avoid in your fixes.

The style asks how often you dress for different types of events. The categories are, “work/business casual, cocktail/wedding/event, laid back/casual, and date night/night out.”

This quiz really wants to know you and your style to help curate each fix to your own taste. You can update your “Style Profile” at any time through your membership.

What sizes does Stitch Fix have?

Currently, Stitch Fix website says they can cater to women’s sizes 0-24W & XS-3X, men’s sizes XS-XXL, and kid’s 2T-14. They will also carry men’s big and tall sizes soon.

Stitch Fix has also started doing maternity clothing, too. Their website says they offer maternity items in sizes 0-14 & XS-XL. You can update your Style Profile with your due date so Stitch Fix can update your sizes as you go along in your pregnancy. That’s pretty cool.

Stitch Fix Top
Cold shoulder sweater from this past winter. I LOVE this sweater.

How often can you get Fixes?

This is up to you. You can get them as frequently as ever 2-3 weeks or as long as every three months. I started out getting every month and my bank account started fighting back. So now, I’m on the every three month Fix. Or if I have something coming up that I want a Fix for, I can request it. I like that about Stitch Fix. You’re not locked in every month.

OK – What do the actual clothes look like?

While I don’t have any cool unboxing photos…I have functional photos of me wearing the clothes. All of the photos above are from Fixes. Here are some more.

Cold shoulder, key hole top
Cold shoulder, key hole top – it was my birthday and I was super pumped about my pants.
Stitch Fix Top
I love this one. It’s super light and flowy. Please excuse the Coke stain on the bottom from my clumsy boyfriend…
Shorts and top from Stitch Fix
Both the shorts and the top are from Stitch Fix

The Breakdown

OK – now for how I rate Stitch Fix overall.

  • Convenience – 10/10 – no doubt. You get personally selected clothes SHIPPED. TO. YOUR. DOOR. Then you can just drop them in the mailbox for free for a return. Easy peasy.
  • Price5/10. It’s pricey and there aren’t a lot of cheap options (my take on cheap – not theirs). I do end up buying pricier items because I would never pick it out myself, but the quality is good or it’s the one piece I need in my wardrobe.
  • Value7/10. Most of their pieces have held up. Some have shrunk, but I also may have been an idiot on laundry day. Some don’t feel super high quality, but some feel like they’ll last for years. It’s inconsistent.
  • Uniqueness – 7/10. I get a lot of items I wouldn’t pick out. You can get a lot of these in the department store (maybe not exact items,  but close). But I’m not going to pick them out for myself. That’s why it’s a bit inflated. I also think it’s unique all of the questions they ask and the notes you can leave for your stylist to make sure it’s what you want. I will note that I’ve started getting tops that look a lot alike – floral and cold shoulder.
  • Fit9/10. Stitch Fix jeans fit me better than any jeans I’ve ever put on my booty. And their shorts. Hallelujah someone understands my uneven thigh to waist ratio. I’ve only had to exchange twice, I think. Some things haven’t fit me 100%, but I didn’t return because it was either not the right type of clothing for my body or I just knew I wouldn’t like it even with the exchange.

The Verdict?

I love Stitch Fix. I was just talking to some friends this weekend who use it, too. We’re all supporters! It’s super easy for people like me who don’t like going shopping. It gets me out of my comfort zone and I try new pieces I typically wouldn’t. It’s a fun way to grow your closet!

Are you ready to start your new clothes obsession? Head over to Stitch Fix and start your Style Profile! Get $25 off your first Fix, too!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Tell me your experience! I’m not a professional, but if you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer!


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