How I Made $89.01 My First Month Blogging – July 2018 Income Report

Holy cow you guys.

I’ve made it one month blogging! Well, almost one month because I launched my blog to the public on July 5, but I’m going to count it as one.

Right now I’m sitting in my Airbnb in Prague looking out onto a courtyard. The high this week is in the mid-high 90’s, so it’s a scorcher! I was in Europe with unusual heat last year; so why not this year, too? My engagement this week has been awful, so I apologize. But – I was in Copenhagen the last few days, will be in Prague for a few days, then I’m off to Vienna and Budapest. I’ll resume normalcy in a few weeks. 

Copenhagen, Denmark, Travel

Back to the post….

This has been an incredibly eye-opening, knowledge gaining, and frustrating month. Ha. It’s been full of long days and late nights and a never ending spinning brain. I’m constantly thinking of things I could do different or ways to improve my content. I’m glad I got the motivation to start this in the summer when I’m on break from my job and not in the middle of the school year. It would not have lasted.

I’ve also found out how amazing the blogging community is! The Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and Pinterest community has been so welcoming, helpful, and warm to a newcomer like myself. If you’re on the fence about starting or continuing, join just so you can interact with them. Your confidence and knowledge will grow at least 10,000%.

The reason I’m writing this income report is mostly for myself. But also for other bloggers. I’m starting from zero building up. I have no experience with blogging, the online community, or selling myself. I’m a clinician by trade and this world was new to me. I have loved reading other bloggers’ income reports to see what they’re doing to be successful. This isn’t a competition – this is a community!

Alright, enough rambling, with no further ado…. *drum roll please*

Wandering Nobody’s Income Report
–Month One–


  • Total new posts: 9 (+ this one)
  • Income: $150
  • Expenses: $60.99
  • Profit: $89.01
  • All social media platforms are increasing in followers

I did things a little backwards and started my blog because I love writing and wanted to write for me and not repetitive reports at work. I didn’t sit down and planning anything and started with no actual “goals.” So I didn’t actually write my goals for starting a blog until July 23. Better late than never.


  1. Write for myself.
    I said this already, but this has always been my number one. I’ve always enjoyed writing. I was that weird kid in the summer who would read a book and write a report about it. I also had a “blog” in middle school on Xanga. I would just write random things and I don’t think anyone read them. But I got a running knowledge base of HTML that has carried over nicely into starting this blog.
  2. Make $100 a month.
    Even though I love the self-gratification from writing, I’d like to make money from it, too. Because…who wouldn’t? If I can make an extra $100 a month, that would pay for my dog’s rent in my apartment + a nice dinner out. Now that I’m typing this out…I’m modifying it. I’d like a long term goal of making $250 a month. That will pay for my parking & my dog every month.
  3. Hone in on my creative side past what I create for work.
    I’m always having to come up with creative activities and materials for children with my career. I want to be creative in a different sense. This has helped my imagination, creativity, and writing skills in just the short time I’ve been doing this.
  4. Make an identity for myself outside of being a Speech-Language Pathologist.
    This is a hard one when you have a career. When someone asks me about myself, I always lead with saying I’m an SLP. No, I’m a person who does that as a career. This last year I’ve had a really hard time trying to find who I am past that. This has really helped me open up past what is right in front of me.
  5. Grow a network and engage in a new community.
    My network right now is a bunch of clinicians and therapist. That’s totally OK and I love talking about and learning about it. But, I’d like to branch out and get out of the medical world for a bit.


  2. Who Am I?
  3. Care/Of Individualized Vitamin Packs
  4. WHAT I’VE LEARNED: Starting to Travel
  5. Care/Of UPDATE
  6. How I Spent 3 Days in Rome – Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Stomach Flu, Colosseum, & Trevi Fountain
  7. Everything You Need to Know About Fabletics Activewear
  8. THINGS I’VE LEARNED: Items I Need to Have When Traveling
  9. How I Adjusted to Living in a Big City (on my 4th anniversary in Chicago)


I started my Instagram on June 30.
Originally, I had a plan to just have an Instagram with my travel pictures. Then, I decided to say “screw it” and go all in.
Followers: 207
—-Most liked photo: 85 for #TacoTuesday

Taco Tuesday, Most liked picture, #TacoTuesday
#TacoTuesday – I guess it’s true…good food is fire.

I launched my blog to the public on July 5.
—-Total page views: 1052
—-Average per day: 31
—-Most visitedCare/Of UPDATE (292 views)

Blog Insights, Word Press, Blog Stats

I started my Twitter on July 6.
—-Followers: 374

I started my Facebook on July 15.
—-Followers: 24

I started my Pinterest on July 15.
—-Followers: 38

I started my email list on July 23.
—-Total subscribed: 4


I’m measuring income by a few things.

  • I started out gaining “income” by reviewing a product and using a referral code. This gains me money directly for their product, but not actual cash. However, I’m counting this as income because it’s money I’d be spending anyway, so I’m saving that by using my credits.
  • I began using affiliate links* about 3 weeks into this blog.
  • I began WordAds through WordPress a little over 3 weeks into this blog.
  • I began trying to use ads about 3 weeks into this blog….that’s a work in progress.
    **Affiliates = Amazon, Fabletics

Subscription credits

  • Care/Of Daily Vitamins = $150 in credits (I maxed out my credits from them.)


  • $0 because I’m still figuring it out. Or I’m bad at it. Or both. To be continued.



Since this was my first month, this is including the start-up expenses. I paid Word Press to upgrade to a personal plan. I also paid Wix for my logo. I could have used the free versions of both of these, but in order to get higher quality, I decided to invest in myself.

Word Press Personal Yearly Plan: $48.00

Logo purchased from Wix: $12.99


 This is where I get excited you guys. Month one and I MADE A PROFIT!!!

TOTAL PROFIT =  $89.01

It’s not in cash form like I would like to see…but it’s something! I’d be spending that money every month on the vitamins anyway, so it is saving me and technically a profit. GOOD JOB ME!


Going back, I would start Pinterest & Twitter from the start. I wanted to wait until I had a bigger following, but I did that backwards. You get your following from social media.

My highest viewed days include days I made posts. That’s because I’m on social media engaging the hell out of myself. My least viewed days after my first couple, have been the last few days. I’m traveling and haven’t spent the time engaging. I felt bad at first, but why should I? This is my thing – it will be there when I get back (sorry guys – you’re important but I’m making life memories).

Backpacking, EuroTrip, Euro Trip, Traveling Europe

I’m so glad I have grown confidence in directly contacting people who use products. The reason my Care/Of referral is so high is because I go on social media to see who is possibly on the fence and would benefit from a review. That helped get that $150 referral credit.

Facebook and Instagram are weird. I only do Facebook when I’m sharing a post or an article. The only interaction I get there is from family, which is totally OK. Instagram is funny with followers. People follow you just to unfollow you. You can stay at 160 followers for 3 days even though you’re average +10-15 followers a day. It’s discouraging.

I should have started my mailing list sooner. Because….why not? It wouldn’t have hurt.

Reaching out to the blogging community for help and guidance has been amazing. They’re so helpful and will guide you where you need to be.

Taking a step back and stopping when my brain tells me to. It can be overwhelming, but sitting here all day everyday is not necessary. It will be here when you’re in a better mental place.

My most viewed post is Care/Of UPDATE. The reason this got so many views is because I was self-promoting on Facebook. I’d comment on their Facebook posts. It’s a new-ish company/brand, so people are wanting reviews. I let them know mine was directly out there. I need to brainstorm how I can do this more effectively without seeming spammy.

Websites & Apps I’ve dabbled in:

NOTE: The following may contain affiliate links. If you use my link to create an account or purchase memberships, I may receive a small amount or a referral perk at no extra cost to you. I did not receive any type of free product or compensation for a positive review. All of the following was based on an unbiased opinion. You can view my disclosures statement here. 

Canva – Absolutely recommend! I’ve upgraded to premium so I can have a greater amount of stock images to use. They do one month free trial, so it hasn’t been an expense yet. Canva is great for all of those nice graphics you see on Insta, Pinterest, etc. It really makes things pop and they have a ton of free stock images to use.

Tailwind App They do have a free version, so I haven’t had to pay anything yet. But I might. Tailwind improves your Pinterest engagement. “Schedule Posts, Discover Content, Monitor Conversations, Amplify your Reach, and Measure Results. All with One Tool.” It’s helped build a Pinterest following, even though I’m just starting on it. More to come. 

Mail Chimp – I use Mail Chimp for my email pop-up on my site and to send messages to said list. It’s not taken off yet, but I’m hopeful. This website took me some time to figure out, but if I would have watched some tutorials first, it would have been fine. I’m too stubborn. Mail Chimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers. I’m good for close to eternity.

Later – This site is great for planning out Instagram posts. You are able to see how they will look on your current page if you are a brand that has a specific look. You can save the post to give you a notification at the time/day you want and then it will copy everything and open up when you open the notification. My favorite part is that you can save hashtag strings so you’re not annoying yourself typing them out or going back and forth from your notes in your phone. The free version allows you 30 posts per month.

I’ve started getting into some affiliate and ad websites, but I don’t have enough information or personal experience to actually have an opinion yet. Hopefully by August’s report.


  1. Increase daily blog traffic to average 40 per day or a total of 1500 for the month. .
  2. Grow my Instagram to 275 follwers.
  3. Grow my Pinterest to 75 followers.
  4. Grow my Twitter to 500 followers.
  5. Earn $5 in affiliate and/or ad income.
  6. Earn a profit and not a deficit.
  7. ENJOY myself.
  8. Reach out to 3 companies to consider providing me products to review.

Alright, folks. There we have it! What was July like for you? Share your August goals to keep me motivated in my starting phases!


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  1. This is so inspiring! I’ve been blogging for 3 years but still have a hard-time promoting my posts the right way and getting traffic. Definitely checking out all the ideas you mentioned.

    Thanks so much! Have fun in Prague 🙂

    Mansi |


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  4. Wow its so amazing how you broke down everything. From your income, to your profit, to your stats, to your expenses, and everything. Great post 🙂


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