Everything You Need to Know About Fabletics Activewear

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Have you seen Kate Hudson hopping around in her product line for Fabletics? Or maybe seen their commercial on TV that markets their leggings and shows only women’s backsides looking fabulous in them?

NOTE: The following review does contain affiliate links. If you use my link to purchase a VIP membership, I may receive a small amount at no extra cost to you. I did not receive any type of free product or compensation for a positive review. All of the following was based on an unbiased opinion. You can view my disclosures statement here. 

Fabletics Leggings, Booty Workout, Fabletics Reviews

Or maybe you’ve seen this banner pop up on your social media?

Fabletics is not a new company. It’s not new to me and many people have already tried and made their own decision about the product. There are plenty of blog reviews already out in the interwebs. But that’s not stopping me from writing this review.

You could call me a Fabletics junky. My addiction started in October of 2016 and I’ve never looked back. My boyfriend has had to reel me in a few times, but I keep going back. It’s a secret affair and I tend to hide the packages when I get them.



  1. Great leggings that hold up if you care for them the right way. And they make your butt look great. Overall, 8/10 for quality & fit.
  2. Decent prices; better than some other luxury brands. They do have good sales, so watch out for those. I’d say an 8/10 for value – it’s not always consistent, but sometimes it’s a steal.
  3. Fun new outfits each month keep it exciting. Overall, 8/10 for style.
  4. I love their sports bras. A lot of them make your ta-tas look great and they’re really cute. Yeah, I get it, if you go hard at the gym like your supposed to, it shouldn’t matter….but let’s be real. I don’t.
  5. They have a relatively simple return and exchange policy. Note though, that they’re often sold out of the size you want by the time you try on and submit your exchange claim.
  6. I said 5, but you get a bonus. If you don’t want to purchase one month, you can skip and not pay anything, but continue being a VIP status. This is great and awful (see below). But, it is possible to maintain VIP member status while not paying anything.


  1. Having to remember to cancel your monthly VIP charge by the 5th. They send you emails, but I always read the emails when I don’t have time to go in and cancel. SET 4 DAYS WORTH OF CALENDAR REMINDERS – not speaking from experience…
  2. Not being able to use my $49.95 I’ve given them on everything. Fabletics won’t let you use the charge on promotions/sales – they make you pick whether you want to pay the VIP price and use your charge or pay them again using the sale price. I’ve given you the money – let me live!
  3. Having to call to cancel. I won’t lie – despite my junky status, I’ve thought about cancelling so I don’t have random $49.95 charges stacking up. It’s much easier to just click a button, but they make you call…I see what you’re doing.
  4. Their tops can be super cute, but not very durable for a strenuous workout. Like I said, I don’t do this often, but when I do, I want it to hold up and keep everything in.
  5. I’ve had one problem with a pair of leggings. It was their 7/8 high waisted black leggings. Now…I wear the shit out of these. They’re the best, but my wear and tear caused a hole in the crotch. Totally fixable, but a bummer. That’s really the only problem I’ve had with their products holding up.


Outfits: $40-60 (best value)

Tops: $20-30

Bottoms: $50-60

Sports Bras: $20-30

Is that all you need? Click here to venture over to Fabletics so you can start your new obsession.  Need more? Keep reading!

Before I start in on my own experience, I’ll tell you about the company in case you’ve somehow managed to not be drawn into the company yet.


Fabletics started in October of 2013. Kade Hudson began the journey of being the face of the company and has influence on the styles and marketing of the products. Since beginning the company, Fabletics has opened 25 brick and mortar stores in 18 states and ships to the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and Australia.

JustFab Inc. Co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, launched Fabletics with Kate Hudson after they saw a gap in the activewear marketplace: there were plenty of luxury brands, but none that offered stylish and high quality gear at an accessible price point. These three unstoppable innovators joined forces to create the Fabletics brand in 2013.

I’m quoting the mission straight from their website:

At Fabletics, we create clothing that inspires you to stay active, whether that means competing in an iron(wo)man competition, sweating in the studio, or chasing after your kids. Our on-trend designs are high in quality at prices you’ll feel good about. This is where the inspiration starts. Beyond the clothing, we foster a community of people who embrace our mantra – “Live Your Passion” – every day.

Fabletics does focus on making women feel comfortable in their product and focuses on  being body positive. That being said, their models don’t reflect all body types and no editing, like many companies are moving toward.

Fabletics comes out with new outfits and pieces every month. It can be exciting to wait for and view the pieces the first of each month.


Fabletics draws you in on a couple member benefits for first time purchases.

“Special intro offer: 2 bottoms for $24 (a $99 value)!”  (side note: does that excite you? the link will take you to the deal)

I think mine was a certain percentage off of my first purchase. I got a 3 piece outfit and one other item for something around $40 – cheaper than the typical VIP price. That was awhile ago, though.

They also draw you in by showing on their website the “normal” price and the “VIP price,” which is usually around 40-50% less.

Here are the benefits of being the entry level VIP member: 

++You sign up for their membership, or become a VIP. This is a monthly charge of $49.95.
++You get these “deals” of 40-50% typical pricing of outfits and individual items.
++You get free shipping on purchases of $49.95 or more.
++You get access to exclusive workouts and partner discounts.
++You are granted access to member-only sales.
++You can receive referral bonuses.
++You receive reward points for purchases and reviews.
++You get a free magazine subscription with every purchase of $25.

Like I said, Fabletics releases new outfits and products on the first of each month. You are given the option to skip the month if you do not wish to make a purchase that month. You must skip by the 5th. If you don’t they will charge your card the $49.95. The good thing is, they send you email reminders. If you’re anything like me, the email reminders get lost in other emails and you remember the first thing the morning of the 6th. Too late! They tell you that the charge can be used as a credit to spend or save to use later at any time. The thing is, they won’t let you spend that $49.95 credit on promotions or sales, even though that’s money you’ve already given them. I think that part is bogus.

If you skip the month, you don’t pay anything. You still get to maintain your VIP status and you go on with your life. To you organized people that can remember to cancel every month, I envy you and you have too much time. Teach me your ways.

Recently, Fabletics has begun two other levels of membership that are earned through points. The gold level and the elite level.

  • VIP = 0-999 points
  • Gold = 1,000 to 1,999 points
  • Elite = 2000+ points

Each level comes with more “perks.” For example, being a gold member, I get access to a birthday gift, a VIP anniversary gift, and bonus point days in addition to the VIP benefits. Being an elite member comes with even more perks.

The way you earn these points is by making purchases and by writing reviews. Each review you write is worth 20 points. Each credit purchase is worth 100 points. And every purchase outside of the monthly credit is 2 points per every dollar. Points are counted over a 12 month period.

What do you do with all of these points? Well, you get to redeem them for Fabletics items. The brackets are broken into 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 points. In the 500 point bracket, you can redeem for $5 off, make-up cloths, a water bottle, several basic sports bra choices, or a pair of panties. The 1000 point bracket includes $10 off, better sports bra choices, and tops. The 1500 bracket includes $15 off and leggings. And the 2000 bracket includes a free outfit, a jacket, or a bag (as of 7/2018). You can see that the items get more expensive the higher into the brackets you go. I’ve claimed several free items this way. The thing I didn’t realize at first is these points expire after one year – USE THEM. Don’t be like me and try to hoard them all.


Ready for a sad site? Here’s all of the purchases I’ve made since becoming a Fabletics VIP member in 2016:

Fabletics, Fabletics Review, Fabletics Leggings, Fabletics Workout Clothes
That’s a whole lot of workout clothes…. Image taken from fabletics.com

Bottoms: I own 10 pairs of bottoms. I adore 8 of them. I’ve got some powerful, thick legs. Thanks, tumbling. The two pairs I don’t like have mesh incorporated into them. It just isn’t forgiving and doesn’t stretch the way my thighs need them to. My favorite are Fabletics high waisted leggings. Ugh, up to your bellybutton, squeezing in everything, amazing. And, their high waisted leggings make you booty look FIRE. Their capris are whatever…I doubt I will get another pair, but it was my first purchase. They were fine, but that’s all. Like I said in my top 5, I’ve had one pair that I’ve had problems with. But I also wore the shit out of them until a hole formed in the crotch. You can bet your sweet behind I’m still rocking those 7/8 leggings with a hole – I haven’t gotten the motivation to Suzie Homemaker them up yet. One day.

Tank Tops: I have 4 full length tops (not counting crop tops). Here’s my verdict: if you’re fat skinny like myself, their tight tops just don’t work. BUT! Their looser tops do. The first top I received from them was great – loose, a twisted back, showed off a cute sports bra. Then I made the mistake of getting a form fitting shirt. Now, when my high waisted leggings are pulled up to my boobies, it looks great! But I can’t move around like that and you can see the rolls from the fabric that inevitably slips into an unflattering place that makes those rolls on your stomach. Yes, body positive, I know – but I’m self-conscious about it. So many kudos to you if you aren’t…teach me your ways. So, I stick to the flowy tops and I love them. I do aerial, so I’m upside down, hanging from fabric and they hold up well.

Crop Tops: I get these to show off my good days when my abs pop out (or photo shoots). I can’t help it. They’re fine. I tend to either overestimate or underestimate my size. So these are either too big or too small 60% of the time. The exchange policy is easy, though! The ones that are big, I end up throwing a sports bra under for more side boob coverage and still wear them. 

Bras: I have 9 sports bras from Fabletics. Some are cute to go under big shirts where I want to show them off. Some are full coverage so I can go hard in the paint. I love all of them. I have one (picture if you scroll down) that the straps dig in a little because of the material, but I still wear it! The strappy, cute ones look good under those shirts you wear out that you can’t quite go bra-less, but can’t wear a regular bra either. Their sizes aren’t consistent, so make sure you read reviews of how they fit.

Other random purchases: Fabletics also have regular tops, dresses, shoes, bags, a variety of bottoms (not just leggings), and other accessories. I haven’t dabbled into all of the other options, but I have gotten several dresses and sweatshirts. there’s a crop sweatshirt that I adore and a maxi dress with cute back cutouts that I love for summer. I got a water bottle as a free reward perk and it didn’t hold up well – I’ll live.

As for performance: I’ve said this a few times and I’ll say it again – I don’t do heavy weight lifting, miles of cardio, or anything else resembling a “normal” workout. If I’m out of the house, I’m going to aerial fitness…if I don’t want to leave my living room, I’m doing Blogilates on the TV. These clothes do hold up while I’m lifting myself in and out of the silks and twisting myself up in them. I’ve talked to a lot of other girls who do the same, as well as yoga and running, and they agree. They are also kickass for lounging around the house, going grocery shopping, taking a flight, or wearing to work when no one else is there on a Saturday, or when you don’t want to put on real clothes. Several of these tops/dresses are fine to go out in. 

Fabletics Activewear Dress, Fabletics Activewear, Fabletics reviews, Workout clothes
Fabletics dress looking super basic after brunch
Aerial in Fabletics, Fabletics Leggings, Fabletics Reviews
This is the bra that cuts into the skin a bit. But you can also see that the high waisted leggings stay in place even in weird situations. Image courtesy of Violetta Photos
Fabletics Leggings, Fabletics Reviews, Workout Clothes
`Again, high waisted leggings holding up after upside down twisting into this and a cute crop top to boot.

Caring for your clothes: Ok – I don’t know if I’ve actually ever looked at the washing instructions. BUT – I’ve never dried my clothes and wash in cold water. I haven’t had any problems with shrinking, massive fading, or anything of the sorts. These are the only workout clothes I’ve found that really stand up to the washing test.


  • If you are super intrigued already, Click here to venture over to Fabletics and start your new obsession.
  • At the beginning of the sign up process, you take a super short “quiz” to let them send you emails with outfits in it that you’ll like every month. You tell them your favorite workout, your body type, and things like that.
  • In order to cancel, you have to call. There’s no button to click, no one to email, no quick live chat…you have to pick up the phone, call, and *gasp* speak with a real human. Yes, in retrospect, it’s not that big of a deal…but who actually likes calling places anymore? Then they’ll try to guilt you into staying and you’ll forever be a Fabletics VIP until your death do you part.
  • Outfits run you from around $40-60, dependent on the numbers of pieces…which is 2-4. You can buy separate pieces if you don’t want an outfit. The bras and tops run around $25 (more for full coverage or midi) and the leggings around $50-60. So you can see why you would want to just get an outfit to get more bang for you buck. I tend to buy separate pieces only when they’re having a sale.
  • Remember to check the reviews to check how the fit is. Fabletics is not consistent with their sizing.
  • Fabletics doesn’t let you use your $49.95 credit on just anything. If they’re having a promotion or sale, they make you choose if you want to pay the VIP price and use your member credit or if you want to pay the sale/promotion price while paying again without the credit. This really gets me because I’ve paid you already, you should let me spend that money as I please.
  • Demi Lovato has recently began her own collection. I have some of her items and I enjoy them. There’s a lot of graphics that speak to the younger crowd, but I do like some of them.
  • If you see an outfit you love at the beginning of the month, suck it up and hit buy. If you come back at the end of the month, Fabletics is usually out of the color or size you’re wanting. They typically don’t restock outfits, but do restock some single pieces.
  • Your points expire after one year. Don’t hoard your points, especially if you don’t shop frequently. If you want to cancel, redeem those points first because as soon as you cancel they disappear.
  • Aside from clothes, Fabletics sells shoes, bags, accessories (hair ties, panties, make up removing cloths), jackets, etc. I own a jacket that was given as a gift and I love it. Lightweight and great for active wear.
  • I’ll reiterate myself by leaving you with the fact that you can have a subscription for free if you cancel by the 5th each month. I love this because I don’t have to pay anything and can only use my subscription for when I see something I love.


Is it a perfect company? No. Fabletics has its’ flaws. The products aren’t always consistent or 100% perfect. But, they’ve kept my business for 2 years. 

Am I a satisfied customer? For the most part, yes. I haven’t had any huge issues with Fabletics. Anytime I’ve reached out to customer service, they’ve been accommodating. And returns/exchanges are simple (and free within the continental US).

Do I recommend Fabletics? Yep! I love their clothes for working out and lounging around. I keep going back for more, so I absolutely recommend!

Ready to start your adventure with Fabletics? Click here venture over to Fabletics and start your new obsession.

What do you like or dislike about Fabletics? Share your experience with me!

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