Let’s start things off with a few disclaimers:

*I don’t have a glamorous life, but sometimes I do glamorous things.*
*I work several jobs and am seriously exhausted most of the time.*
*I look my best when other people dress me.*
*No matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch, contouring STILL doesn’t make sense to me.*
*I’m that “fat-skinny” where I workout, but love pizza too much to have any type of flat abs.*

The interwebs are filled with all of these blogs, websites, and Instagram accounts with glamour and glitz and perfection. You get caught up in them and find yourself scrolling through them for hours, days, and weeks at a time…before you know it you’re upset and eating your HaloTop in front of your computer with a serious curtain of sadness because it’s not your life. Been there!  Still there!

Let’s agree right now to put down that spoon, put the HaloTop back in the freezer (we’re not throwing that away; it’s frozen heaven), and float back down to real-life.

You back? Ok, good. Let’s start our own adventure with an average, but fabulous, life that is our own! Aren’t we all just Wandering Nobodies on a highly populated planet? Let’s get out of the whirlwind of social media posts (ha…the irony of this blog) and share the beautiful, ugly, miraculous journey of our lives. My goal is to show the beauty, but also show all of the rough and tough pieces that the internet tends to leave out. If you’re looking for beauty tutorials, fashion insiders, and the latest living room workout, chances are you’re going to need to keep looking. I won’t say never, but…let’s be real. 

The main goal of this is to show how you can experience all types of new experiences while still being on a budget.  You don’t need to do all of the glamorous things to have a “glamorous life.” When I travel or go out, I do things as cheap as possible, but it is still an amazing experience. Would it be cool to go to the best resorts with the best tour guides in the best outfits? Yep! But can I afford it? Nope! Do I still get a rewarding experience? ABSOLUTELY!

Sit back, enjoy the ride of an average life, and I encourage any and all types of food/beverages that make you happy (Halo Top and wine included).


Rue likes to dive snout first into a pint of Halo Top, too. We support you, Rue.


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